We have 15 years experience and knowledge in this field

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We are exporting building hardware, auto repair tools(Kit), hand tools, sockets(Kit), pliers, plastic cutter, bronze ball valve and fitting, air tools, power tools, screws, nut and bolt, auto parts and accessories from Taiwan. OEM and ODM orders are also welcome.

Handy Force is famous for friendly service who had 15 years experience and knowledge in the field of auto repair tools. Our teams offer the required products with the most competitive prices during shortest time. Also, all the shipments are handled with strictly quality controlled and time required. We have the confident for offering the best service because of our permanent quality insistence, which also come with the best quality controlled and delivery required.

Regarding to the OEM & ODM, this is the only reason that we built this company, later, expanding the product to hand tool, auto repair tools and hardware. So, we have very good relationship with factories, which could offer the best quality and prices to satisfied your requirement. There are many popular items on the market, which were manufatured by our team. Please just give us an e-mail today, then, you will see how great our OEM and ODM service.

Regarding to the innovative products developing, we can control the distribution well owing to obtained many patents, can offer the customers the first hand information easy. Please keep an eye on our website for new arriving items. If the customers need to boost this competition ability, we could offer sold exclusively items. We are willing to do our best to support/protect our agents/distributors to capture the biggest profit.

Due to variety of products and quantities, we are able to offer all sorts of combination to accommodate your needs. Our company will offer you the most competitive prices, consolidating orders, ensuring quality, timely shipment and arrival to satisfy our clients needs. Our company is committed to working with our clients to offer you more variety of products to give our clients the competitiveness edge in their local markets.

Now, please click the icon for entering our website, we have more than 4,000 auto repair tools, hand tools, hardware, auto parts and accessories...etc. The products keep increasing, which includes the hit hardware items in it; if you have any searching problem or quotation requirement, please feel free to contact us at once.

Finally, thank you again for your time and choosing Handy Force as your first priority.   

BEN will always be at your service!!

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