Belt & Pulley / Flywheel Holder


Serpentine Belt Tool



3/8”Drive 13mm crowfoot wrench GM Quad Four Engine

3/8”Drive 14mm crowfoot wrench Saturn Engine

3/8”Drive 15mm crowfoot wrench Ford Windstar with 3.8L Engine

13mm Socket (on handle)-Late model GM Quad Four Engine

14mm Socket-1.9 Liter Saturn

15mm Socket-Some GM and Chrysler

16mm Socket-Ford 3.8 L & 4.0 L

18mm Socket - GM 3800 Engine

3/8" Square drive socket - 3.1 Liter GM

1/2" Square drive socket - Late Model GM

and FordShort Extension allows easier access on some Fords
Packing: Blow Mold Case
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