Radiator Test and Tool Kit


10PCS Radiator Cap Pressure Test Kit


1PC 0-35PSI pressure test hand pump.

1PC No.1 adaptor for Toyota, Honda.(Blue)

1PC No.2 adaptor for Mitsubishi,

Ford, Nissan and Mazda.(Orange)

1PC No.3 adaptor for Nippon HINO.(Black)

1PC No.4 adaptor for Renault, AUDI and VW.(Orange)

1PC No.5 adaptor for Volvo, Citroen, Renault,

FIAT and Peugeot.(Red)

1PC No.6 adaptor for Opel, VW and Ford.(Yellow)

1PC No.7 adaptor for Volvo and Renault.(Green)

1PC No.8 adaptor for BMW.(Black)

1PC No.9 adaptor for Mercedes.(Black)
Packing: Blow Mold Case
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