Japanese Vehicle Timing Tool


Diesel Engine Locking Tool Set


Essential tools for timing belt replacement on wide range of Renault, Nissan & Vauxhall / Opel diesel engines.

Assembled to offer coverage for the 1.6 and 2.0 petrol engines from Renault that are used in the Nissan range.
1 PC Inlet camshaft locking tool (OEM KM 6205 / MOT 1534)
1 PC Exhaust camshaft locking tool (OEM KM 6204 / MOT 1537)
1 PC Pump locking pin (OEM MOT 1538)
1 PC Tensioner tool (MOT1543)
1 PC Crankshaft timing pin (MOT1054)
1 PC Crankshaft timing pin (MOT1536)
1 PC Crankshaft timing pin (MOT1489)
1 PC M6 x 30mmTensioning adjustment screw
1 PC Crankshaft locking pin (MOT 1489)
1 PC Camshaft setting bar (MOT 1750)
1 PC Camshaft sprocket alignment tool (MOT 1490-01)
1 PC Timing injection pump holder.
(MOT 1200-01 / MOT 1200-1)
Material: Alloy steel
Finish: Zinc plated, chrome plated, black oxide
Packing: Blow case
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