Volvo Timing Tool


VOLVO Timing Tools Set


For saving tooling to correctly align the timing covers on engines and a crankshaft pulley holder for Mazda engines.


large range of Ford, Volvo and some Mazda vehicles

Engine Code: 1.6/2.0
1PC Camshaft Alignment Plate >05-11 (OEM 303-1565)
1PC Camshaft Alignment Plate >05-11 (OEM 303-1504 / 999-7405 / 303-1061)
1PC Crank Sensor Alignment Tool (OEM 303-1521 / 999-7416)
1PC Crankshaft Timing Pin (OEM 303-748 / 999-7406 / 303-507)
1PC Tensioner Pin (Ø 2 mm) (OEM 303-10540
1PC Camshaft Sprocket Alignment Plate (OEM 303-1097 / 999-7429)
1PC Crankshaft Pulley Alignment Plate (OEM 303-1550 / 999-7431 / 303-1550)
1PC Crankshaft Pulley Alignment Plate (OEM 205-072)
1PC Crankshaft Pulley Alignment Tool (OEM 999-7415)
Material: Alloy steel
Finish: Chrome plated and black oxide)
Packing: Blow Mold Case
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