Oil Funnel and Filler


Oil Funnel Set


Screw-on type oil funnel prevents unsafe oil spills

Transparent lower chamber clearly shows oil flow process.

Large oil passage allows oil to be refilled more rapidly.

Includes adapters for most common European vehicles

Provided with a storage holder and a drain plate

1PC M51.5 x P1.25; Opening: Ø4.9” / Ø125mm Funnel

1PC M33 x P3.5 Chamber for Fiat

1PC M33.5 Chamber for Ford/Mazda

1PC M32 x P3.5 Chamber for Honda

1PC M37 x P3.0 Chamber for Toyota/Lexus

1PC M32 x P3.5; 150-degree angle Extended Adapter

1PC M37 x P3.0; Clip: Ø1.3” / Ø34mm Adapter (black)

1PC M37 x P3.0; Clip: Ø1.2” / Ø30mm Adapter (red)

1PC M42 x P4.5 Adapter (yellow)

1PC Bottle Piercer (Filter: 20 mesh; Height: 2.9” / 74mm)

Packing: Color box

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