Oil Drain Plug Tool and Drain Pan


38PCS Oil Drain Plug System Kit


Kit includes useful tools when working on oil exchange services

Drain plug repair tool sets (M13 x 1.5, M15 x 1.5, M17 x 1.5, M20 x 1.5)

Magnetic drain plug tool (Length: 294mm)

Pitch gauge

(M10 x 1.5, M12 x 1.25, M12 x 1.5, M12 x 1.75, M13 x 1.25, M13 x 1.5, M14 x 1.25, M14 x 1.5, M15 x 1.5, M16 x 1.5, M17 x 1.5, M18 x 1.5,

M20 x 1.5, M22 x 1.5, M24 x 1.5, M26 x 1.5,1/2”-20, 3/4”-16)


Magnet: Sintered Nd-Fe-B.

Handle: PP

Tap: SKS 3

Drain Plug: S15C

Washer: Copper

Pitch Gauge: ABS
Packing: Blow Mold Case
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