Alternator Tools


18PCS Alternator Tool Set


2PCS Combined socket with 33T teeth alternator wrench T50 & M10 x 113mmL.

1PC 22H x 30mmL.

1PC 15H x 33T x d. 19.7mm.

1PC 22H x 33T x d. 19.7mm.

1PC 21H x 28H.

1PC 19H x 28H.

1PC 17H x d.36mm with 4 pins.

1PC 1/2" DR. x 10mm adapter.

1PC 1/2" DR. x M10 x 113mmL.

2PCS 12mm x 75mmL T40 & T50.

2PCS 12mm x 75mmL Spline M8 & M10.

2PCS 12mm x 75mmL Hex H8 & H10.

1PC 12mm x 65mmL Spline M10.

1PC 3/8 Dr. x M10 x 31T x 90mmL.

Material: CR-V 6150

Finish: sand blaster and black oxide.
Packaging: Blow case.

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