Screw Driver and Socket


40PCS Tap and Die Set-Metric


34PCS Tap and Die: 

M3 X 0.5, M3 X 0.6, M4 X 0.7, M4 X 0.75, M5 X 0.8, M5 X 0.9, M6 X 0.75, M6 X 1.0, M7 X 0.75, M7 X 1.0, M8 X 1.0 M8 X 1.25, M10 X 1.25, M10 X 1.5, M12 X 1.5, M12 X 1.75, 1/8" NPT27

1PC Tap Wrench

1PC "T" Type Tap Wrench

1PC 25mm Die Stock

1PC Screwdriver

1PC Screw Pitch Gauge

Material: Alloy Steel
Packaging: Blow Mold Case

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