Brake Caliper and Brake Disc Tools


3 in 1 Multi-Function Measuring Tool


A multi-function measuring tool comprising a one-piece measuring tool and a clamp detachable coupled to one end of the pen-type measuring instrument, wherein the pen-type measuring instrument can measure the first amount of the rod at one end of the shaft by itself The tread depth is measured in accordance with the ruler of the circumference of the pen gauge, and the thickness of the tread gauge can be measured by the second measuring rod at the other end of the measuring shaft, and the jig is combined with the pen gauge.

The thickness of the disc can be measured by measuring the first rod of the measuring shaft, the matching amount of the ruler and the thimble on the clamp, and the above structure has the thickness of the measuring disc and the tread.

Depth and function such as thickness of the film.

(A) Brake disc tester

The position A of this product is used to measure the thickness of the brake disc.

The measuring end clamps the brake disc and pushes the spindle to measure the thickness.

(B) Tread pattern tester

The position B of this product is used to measure the depth of the tread pattern, and the measuring position is pressed against the tread pattern.

(C) Brake pad tester

The position C of this product is used to measure the brake pad, and the measuring end is pressed against the brake pad to measure the thickness.
Material: Alloy steel

Packing: Plain box
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