Brake Fluid Service Tools


Brake Pressure Bleeder Set


One person operation on brake bleeding by pressurizing the brake system from master cylinder.

Efficient in pushing out debris from brake system.

3 liter / 3.17 quart tank with safety pressure relief valve.

Includes as standard European adapter with a swivel 90 fitting to tackle limited space.

One - Way valve is fitted in the hose end connector to prevent unsafe brake fluid spills after disconnecting the hose from master cylinder.

Provided with a 1 liter / quart old brake fluid reservoir bottle.

1 PC 3 liter (3.17 quart) tank with a safety pressure relief valve.

1 PC Standard European adapter with a swivel 90 deg fitting.

1 PC 1 liter old brake fluid reservoir bottle.
Packaging: Corrugate box.

Packing list: 3 Set / CTN / 11.5 / 12.5 / KGS / 3.14'
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