General Tool


4 PCS Seal Removal Tools


Rounded tip with blended radius edge allows easy removal of seals or O-rings while reducing chance of damage to seal or finished surface.

2 tip configurations and 2 blade lengths handle most seal removal situations.

Transmissions, heater and vacuum hoses, oil pump drive shaft seals,injectors and fuel rail O-rings, inner tie rod rack boot and CV boot removal, fork seals and caliper dust boot assemblies on Harley-Davidson and other motorcycles and steering racks and pumps.
1 PC bended tip length: 210mm.
1 PC Straight tip length: 210mm.
1 PC bended tip length: 140mm.
1 PC Straight tip length: 140mm.
Dual color handle Blue (P.P) and black (TPR).
Material of blade: CR-V.
Packaging: sliding card.
Packing list: 24 / 96 Sets / CTN / 10 / 11 / kgs / 1.8'
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