Wheel and Hub


5 in 1 Wheel Balancing Weight Pliers


The special design of patent of pliers jaw used for two type wheel balance weights , stick-on wheel weights and clip-on wheel weights.

For stick-on wheel weights , the pliers don't touch the alloy wheel , by means of jaw is ensured that the gripping edges do not grip under the adhesive weights and don't damage the rim.

Corresponds to 95 percent of adhesive weights.

For clip-on wheel weights , also can used it by special design of pliers jaw.

From the other side of pliers jaw , include special hammer for wheel weights , for stick-on wheel weights , please used it with plastic cover to avoid damage the rim , for clip-on wheel weights , please removal plastic cover from hammer head.

On the pliers , we also design clamping function for clip-on wheel weights.
Hammer head diameter: 25.8mm.

Jaw open: 20.8mm.

Length: 240mm.

Weight: 490g.

PVC dipping handle.

Material: Alloy steel + coating handle.

Finish: Black oxide.
Packaging: Blister + Sliding Card.

12 / 36 PCS / CTN / 19.8 / 20.8 / KGS / 1.7'
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