Windshield Service Tool


Wire Insertion Tool Set


Prevents damage to electrical sheathing

Helps technician feed or pull wire around a number of obstacles, or against pieces of metal

Safeguards against damage to plastic sheathing which can result in an intermittent or non-functioning condition.

Provides flexibility/adaptability:
Set allows technician to adapt to each application through the use of different lengths and diameters of tubes

Radius handle end:
End of handle has a gentle radius that allows wire sheathing to be pulled smoothly without damage.


Insertion of most gauges of wire.

Insertion/removal of video scope optical components.

Great tool for A/V and dashboard wiring systems, wiring through firewalls, wiring to motors and pumps and wiring to headlight, brake and indicator lights, Wiring applications for RV's, trailers, aviation, marine as well as remote starters and alarm systems
Tube length: 227 /127mm

Tube diameter: 10.5 / 5.5mm 

Material: Alloy steel.

Finish: Black oxide.

Handle length: 115mm

P.P.(Blue) + TPR(Black) Handle .
Packaging: tray + cover

10 SETS / CTN / 6 / 7 / KGS / 0.8'
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