General Tool


8" Multi-Purpose Scissors


Cautions of use:

Because of blade product, please use it carefully to avoid any harm.

For initial use, to have the optimal function for both sides of blade, please avoid cutting too thick branches.

In case any tilt in the right or left sides of shear, it may cause the breaking of blade.

For flower or branch shear, please don't use to cut the things instead of branch.

For long-time use, because of metal fatigue, it may cause the breaking of spare parts or blade. Please use it very carefully.When operating this shear, please wear cotton working gloves or industrial goggle or safety boots to keeping working safety.

Please put it out of reach for children.

Please get used to cutting the branches by oblique way.


After use, clean the dirt or water moisture on the blade, and then wipe it by oil cloth and drip 2~3 drops of oil on the caulking.Open it 2~3 degrees.
Length: 8"

Material: SK5 and plastic handle.
Packaging: Blister card

6 / 60 PCS / CTN / 16 / 18 / KGS / 1.3'
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