Oil Extractor and Dispenser


Plastic Bucket Pump


This plastic bucket pump is designed to fit a 5-gallon (20L) pail and is ideal for transferring non-corrosive fluids of light to medium viscosity, such as engine oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, automotive additives, machine oil, etc.

The pump is a down-stroke style, comes with a 50" oil-resistant flex hose with non-drip nozzle and a drain back nozzle holder to ensure the excess oil back into the pail to prevent spills and accidents.

This pump is self-priming.
Pump Type: Piston

Flow: 2 oz / Stroke

Maximum Fluid Temperature: 140˚F / 60˚C

Mounting: Pail Adapter

Wetted Materials of Construction: Steel and Nylon

Maximum Viscosity: 5,000 SSU

Finish: Zinc plated steel.
Packaging: Poly bag.

6 / 24 SETS / CTN / 20.7 / 22.7 / KGS / 3.2'
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