Wheel and Hub


Wheel Hanger Set (8PCS)


Wheel hangers for hanging tires while changing tires - a great helper during tire-changing seasons.

Also for stablizing brake discs, preventing brake caliper from wobbling.

Insert the wheel alignment guide tool on the wheel bolt hole first, and hang the wheel and tire without needing to hold the tire in mid air and look for the wheel bolt hole

Two pieces for each size - helpful when doing tire rotation


2PCS M12 x 1.25

2PCS M12 x 1.50

2PCS M14 x 1.25

2PCS M14 x 1.50


Overall Length: 150mm (5.9")

Material: S45C steel

Surface treatment: Chrome plating

Hardness: HRC 38-43

Packaging: Black blow mold case.

10 SETS / CTN / 14.2 / 15.2 / KGS / 0.95'
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