Interior and Trim Clip Tools


Metal Pry Bar Trim Removal Set


The car panel removal tool kit is ideal for removing car stereos and radios, door panels, emblems and other car interior and exterior parts, can also be used for the repair of furniture accessories.

Auto trim removal tools are made of high hardness and high strength stainless steel, all tools will not break or bend easy, They are more durable than other plastic panel removal tools.

High quality sheet metal with wide and thin edges, easy to insert into fastener gaps, without damaging auto parts. Makes modification and repair processes safer.

The auto trim removal tool kit makes it easy to remove auto trim, moldings, door panels and dashboards, really useful prying tool for safely removing and installing car audio panels.

The clip removal tool is ergonomically designed, ultra lightweight, easy for you to hold, effective and labor saving. Easy to store and carry, essential tools in your toolbox.
Protect sleeve design for prevent to damage the plastic parts.

Item NO. Length Width Tip Width Groove Thickness
BD0728A 192mm 20mm 27 / 30 mm - / 8 mm 3 mm
BD0728B 165mm - 13 / 18 mm - 3 mm
BD0728C 182 mm 23 mm 22 / 22 mm 10 / 6 mm 3 mm
BD0727D 160 mm 28 mm 27 / 27 mm 8 / 7 mm 3 mm
BD0727E 245 mm 23 mm 22 / 22 mm 6 / 10 mm 3 mm
BD0727F 130 mm 23 mm 22 / 22 mm 10 / 6 mm 3 mm
BD0727G 185 mm 23 mm 18 / 13 mm - 3 mm
BD0727H 220 mm 29 mm 58 / 16 mm - 3 mm

Material: SK5 

Finish: Chrome polished
Packaging: Canvas Bag.

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