Valve and Cylinder Head Tool


Valve Refacing and Seating Tool


Precision machined Tungsten carbide blades produce valve seats

Accurate seat angle

Superior seat surface

True, flat seal

Seats concentric with valve guide

1PC cutter diameter 52mm-65mm 75°and 60°.

1PC cutter diameter 46mm-60mm 45°and 30°.

1PC cutter diameter 44mm-52mm 75°and 30°.

1PC cutter diameter 37mm-46mm 60°and 45°.

1PC cutter diameter 37mm-44mm 75°and 30°.

1PC cutter diameter 28mm-37mm 75°and 45°.

5PCS expandable pilot diameter 5.5mm-12.5mm.

1PC T handle.

Material: S45C and stainless steel

Finish: PH Black and Zinc.
Packing: Blow Mold Case
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