Exciting News!

We are excited to announce……..
Handy Force has new designed official website and catalog to better serve our valued customers.
As many of you know, our original official website and catalog were old and it was time to replace it… so we did!! Although, those were time-consuming works, we stuck it out and finished it. our newly launched website is intended to be faster, multi-device-friendly, image-rich and easy using.
To take advantage of new website, customers can confirm tools’ details directly by clearer and multi-angle products’ photos which can save time of sending sample and discuss further much efficiently. We will do our best and keep updating multi-angle products on the site.
Additionally, there is one more function for customers who order tools from us - we will provide tracking number for you to follow-up your current order anytime easily.
Now we need your help! To click “JOIN US” and get registered as our member. Handy Force will present first-hand tools’ information and post recommended new tools on official website or mail to you.
We will want to hear from you about suggestions for improvement and will update this site regularly.
Happy browsing!

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