Suspension / Ball Joint and Tie Rod Extractor


TESLA Model S/X Jack Pad


The jack pad tool hangs from the jack points on your car.

This feature makes it very easy to align your floor jack with the jack point.

Simply insert the tool into the center hole in the plastic vehicle jack point.

The jack pad adapter will be suspended from the jack point until you can position your floor jack beneath the adapter.

You can now safely lift the car without damaging the side skirts or undercarriage with the rim of the floor jack saddle.

The O-Ring provides sufficient.

It is specifically designed to work with for TESLA Model S chassis.

The vehicle jack points on the for Model S chassis are very strong with the center of the pad being fully supported with anintegrated.

Four of the jack pad tools can be used with a four-arm lift to increase the clearance between the lift arms and the vehicle side skirts.

The rubber washer projects the painted surface of the jack point from being damaged.

The jack pas tools are not intended to be permanently installed on the car.
Packaging: Bulk.
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