New Products - Brake Fluid Exchange Machine & Bleeder Adapter Set of 2021


It's HANDYPRO, we would like to present to you new items.


Brake Fluid Exchange Machine

Machine helps brake fluid exchange efficient and easy.

Transparent front 2-liter tank makes brake fluid visible, LED lights included.

Powered electrically - no air compressor required.

Light weight, easy to carry around.

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Color: Red / Black.

Plug type: 220V 2 round hole / 220V 3 straight PIN / 110V 3 hole.

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1  Brake fluid fill line 3.5 meter / 11.5 ft 9  Activation button
2  Fluid control valve 10  Pressure regulator
3  Connector to master cylinder adapter 11  Transparent tank 2 liter
4  Purge nipple 12  Power line 1.8 meter / 5.9 ft
5  Handle 13  Funnel male threads M33 × 3.5
6  Fill port female threads M33 × 3.5 14  Euro type standard adapter M46.5 × 3.5   
7  Gauge 0-7 bar / 0-100 psi 15  Waste fluid catch bottle 1 liter
8  Power button 16  Brake bleeder valve adapter




Brake Bleeder Adapter Set (6 PCS)

Designed for application on master cylinder reservoirs from 2001 to today.

Adapters with a standard European air plug type, suitable for pressure bleeding tools or machines.

Most adapters have a swivel 90 deg. fitting to tackle limited space problems.


1 PC Adapter for TOYOTA / LEXUS.

1 PC Adapter for Ford, Hyundai, KIA, Mazda and Mitsubishi.

1 PC Adapter for Honda.

1 PC Adapter with hose assembly for EU vehicle.

1 PC Adapter for Mazda and Suzuki.

1 PC Adapter for Nissan.

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Install the arm-type adapters (No. 1, 2, and 3)

1. Remove the master cylinder reservoir cap.

2. Expand the amrs on the adapter.

3. Press the adapter down into the
master cylinder reservoir filler neck.

4. Close the arms and rotate the top cover 
to fix the adapter.


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