Products Recommendation of November in 2021


It's HANDYPRO, we would like to present to you new items.


Car Paint Masking Tape Soft Edge Dispenser

Car paint masking tape folds itself while being pulled from the dispenser.

Sharp blade for easy cut.

Holder suitable for regular 3/4" / 19 mm masking tapes.

Base with grooves for fixation on a wall or working table.

Length: 248 mm (9.7")

High: 155 mm (6.1")

Holder size:  Dia. 76 mm (3")

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Brake Fluid Exchange Machine

Machine helps brake fluid exchange efficient and easy.

Transparent front 2-liter tank makes brake fluid visible, LED lights included.

Powered electrically - no air compressor required.

Light weight, easy to carry around.

Color: Red / Black.

Plug type: 220V 2 round hole / 220V 3 straight PIN / 110V 3 hole.

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Timing Belt Tool Kit

Full set of timing belt tools for the 2015 4-cylinder TDI models with engine code CVCA or CRUA.

These include the 2015 Jetta TDI, Golf TDI, Beetle TDI, SportWagen TDI and Passat TDI.

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Gerridae Quick Connector Disconnect Tool

One hand operation design, include small and large jaw, for narrow space to disconnect button connectors.

Most of vehicle used this type of connectors for fuel line, the Gerridae quick connector disconnect tool especially for disconnects fuel line, EVAP line and DEF fittings with tabs that must be depressed to disengage.

In the other one head, special design swivel jaws, as well as extra long jaw structure, for long and narrow space when your finger can not reach the connector.

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Oil Filter Socket for TOYOTA and LEXUS (PAT.)

Specially designed for plastic oil filter cap of TOYOTA and LEXUS.

Size: 3/8"DR. x 64.5mm x 14PT


TOYOTA: 3.5L since 2007.

LEXUS: IS250, IS350, GS300, GS350, GS450HE, S350, RX350, LS460, LS600H

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TESLA Model 3 Jack Pad

Designed for use with a floor jack or lift which has at least a 2.75” diameter saddle or lift pad.

The groove around the circumference of the tool makes it easy to insert the tool into place and to remove it when the maintenance is completed.

The rubber washer protects the painted surface of the jack point from being damaged.

The jack pad tools are not intended to be permanently installed on the car.

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TESLA Model S/X Jack Pad

The jack pad tool hangs from the jack points on your car.

This feature makes it very easy to align your floor jack with the jack point.

Simply insert the tool into the center hole in the plastic vehicle jack point.

The jack pad adapter will be suspended from the jack point until you can position your floor jack beneath the adapter.

You can now safely lift the car without damaging the side skirts or undercarriage with the rim of the floor jack saddle.

The O-Ring provides sufficient.

It is specifically designed to work with for TESLA Model S chassis.

The vehicle jack points on the for Model S chassis are very strong with the center of the pad being fully supported with anintegrated.

Four of the jack pad tools can be used with a four-arm lift to increase the clearance between the lift arms and the vehicle side skirts.

The rubber washer projects the painted surface of the jack point from being damaged.

The jack pas tools are not intended to be permanently installed on the car.

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Corvette C5/C6/C7/C8 Jack Pad

The tool can be used in two modes.

When the Nylon spacer is installed between the puck and the T-nut, the jack pad can be used in the conventional manner where it simply hangs from the chassis.

Although this tool is not intended to be permanently installed, it can be temporarily secured in place when performing maintenance for an extended period or taking a quick trip to a service garage.

In this mode, the spacer is removed and the T-nut is reinstalled until there is about 1/8” to 3/16” space between the T-nut and the washer.

The tool is then inserted into the chassis jack point and the puck is turned clockwise a couple of turns until the tool is snugged up against the chassis.

The washer prevents the tool from scraping against the chassis while turning the puck to secure it in place.



1997 – Present C5, C6 and C7


2010 – 2015 V6 V8 and ZL1 models

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Universal Locking Wheel Nut Removal Kit (10PCS)

Very effective and a must have workshop tool.

Kit includes sleeve which protects the wheel against any damage.

Simple to use master kit has the capability of removing practically any locking wheel nuts.

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Universal Locking Wheel Nut Removal Kit (13PCS)

Suitable for removing all of types of locking wheel nuts.

New design of steel wheel protecting sleeves.

Tool kit includes sleeve which protects wheel without damage.

Remover locking wheel nuts, including new model:
Ford, Jaguar and Range Rover.

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